Making Sense of Autism

Available Conferences
by Susan J. Golubock
and Jim Sinclair

Developing a Meaningful Relationship With The Autistic Person in Your Life

Parents, grandparents, siblings, relatives, friends of Autistic people.

      Workshop 8 (Jim):
    • Autism, Culture, and Community

    • Objectives:
      • Learn about the cultural model of autism, and how it differs from deficit models.

      • Consider ways that various autistic characteristics influence how autistic people relate to others.

      • Learn about some of the ways autistic people relate to each other in Autistic community settings, and the Autistic culture that has begun to emerge from the creation of shared Autistic spaces.

      Workshop 2 (Jim):
    • Applying Multicultural Awareness when Working with Autistic People [for those working with Autistic People])
      • Explore practical applications of the cultural model in creating positive family, school, workplace, and community connections.

      • Learn to use the cultural model as a lens through which to seek understanding of conflicts leading to communication and behavioral difficulties.

      • [Note: This is a companion workshop to "Autism, Culture, and Community" designed for those who work with Autistic people]

      Workshop 3 (Jim):

    • Objectives:

      Workshop 4 (Susan):

      Workshop 5 (Jim):

      Workshop 6 (Susan):

      Workshop 7 ():

    • Objectives:

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